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Guide to Creating an RFC

A Request for Care (RFC) is the way Client’s describe and define the type of care services you require. It is a critical step in helping find the best Caring Professionals (CPs) for your needs, and is the foundation for the ultimate Care Contract you will use for hiring that professional. The following is a high level guide for using eAdvocate’s RFC process. You can also see our FAQs for additional information. 

Request for Care Steps

1. Creating the RFC - Defining your Needs

Naming your RFC

Each RFC is automatically given a unique number, however we also give you the ability to assign the RFC a name such as “Nurse for Mom” to make it easier for you to reference. 

Choosing a Skills

The most important choice in creating an RFC is choosing the professional Skill area you need for support. To see which skill area best fits your needs you can access our skills pages here.  If you are still unsure, feel free to contact our Member Care Team at 1.888.992.1575. 

Skills are a critical choice as they define what services each Caring Professional can provide, and who will reply to your Request for Care. 

Defining Services

Please list the core services you require in the RFC to help Caring Professionals match their relevant experience to your needs. A suggested list of services is provided. 


We suggest you define the times you think you will require care to ensure the Caring Professionals know your expectation. These can be refined through further discussion and changes upon mutual agreement, however we have included it in the RFC so you can communicate your desired timing.

Pay Range

Based on the skill area you have selected, eAdvocate provides guidance on the RFC for the minimum and average pay ranges for a professional skill area. You can use the slider to define the low and high end of the pay range you are willing to offer. Caring Professionals are asked to provide a specific rate in their proposals to you. You are then able to negotiate the final rate directly with the Caring Professional while completing the Care Contract to set the final rate of pay per hour. To learn more about how our minimum and average pay range are selected see FAQs.

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1. Creating the RFC - Defining your Needs

2. Sharing with the Community

Once you have created your Request for Care, you are given 3 alternative options on how this will be shared with the eAdvocate community.

1. You can send to the full community. This is an open RFC and any of our Caring Professionals may respond. 

2. You are able to invite only specific Caring Professionals from your candidate list. If you select this option, only those Professionals you have added to your candidate list will be included. Since you may have Professionals from multiple skill areas on your candidate list – we give you the option to further refine the list at this stage. You can also add new Professionals to your candidate list.

3. Option 3 allows you to both publish the RFC to the full community, as well as share with Invited Caring Professionalss. Those invited will be specifically alerted that you have included them.

2. Sharing with the Community

3. Reviewing Proposals

Once the RFC is published, you will start receiving proposals from Caring Professionals. See our Tips for Hiring your Caring Professional. You can view these responses from your personal Dashboard and/or your RFC page. Click on the Proposals link to view their response to your RFC. Then select the Caring Professional that best meets your needs to contract with.  

From this review page you can view detailed Profiles and see their eAdvocate Verification Badges

On the far right hand side you also have 4 choices about how you can handle their proposal.

1. If you wish to hire a Caring Professional chose 'Start a Contract' .

2. You can also add any Caring Professional of interest to your RFC shortlist by clicking 'Add to Shortlist'. 

3. If you have questions for the Caring Professional or need additional clarification, you can start a 'Discussion' with them using the eAdvocates built-in Discussion tool. 

4. If you don’t feel the Caring Professional is a good fit, you can add to 'Archive'.

3. Reviewing Proposals

4. Agreeing to a Care Contract

Upon selecting “Start a Contract” with a Caring Professional, you then complete our online easy to use Care Contract. A Care Contract is the specific Contract for Services between you (the Client) and the Caring Professional for the delivery of care.

Learn More about the Care Contract process.


4. Agreeing to a Care Contract