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About Us

Our Story

eAdvocate is a new online Caring Marketplace that connects People and Families with healthcare needs, to the best local helping professionals. eAdvocate offers more affordable, accessible, comprehensive and convenient healthcare options for clients, as well as better compensated, more self-directed caring work for helping professionals.

The initial vision for eAdvocate was created by Janet Balfour (PhD, Msc, BSW). Janet was wired from birth to be an advocate and she has always been a great connector of people. She has worked as a social worker, both frontline and in policy, for over 20 years. As a caring professional, Janet witnessed first hand the need for more patient-centered affordable healthcare solutions, as well better ways to plan and coordinate care. Janet believes there are better ways for families and individuals to directly connect, contract, communicate and work together with helping professionals to offer quality care for their loved ones.

Seeking ways to promote more effective planning, coordination and communication of care, Janet partnered with her husband Rob, an experienced technology entrepreneur, to develop the eAdvocate online platform to actualize her vision of empowering people to take control of their own health care needs and advance better health care outcomes.

About Us

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Why we created eAdvocate

There is a growing demand for interdisciplinary Care Services to be delivered outside traditional public healthcare systems including supportive home care, long term care, palliative or hospice care, acute and chronic care, as well as support services for children with diverse and special needs. We believe that by making better use of innovative technology to meet the needs of both the buyers (Clients/Patients) and providers (Caring Professionals) of private healthcare services, eAdvocate can deliver more efficient, cost-effective healthcare services.

Clients and Patients face many of the following challenges:

  • Increasing demand to purchase private healthcare for their loved ones, so eAdvocate offers a more affordable convenient way to negotiate care
  • Significant costs and effort in finding quality providers of services that fit their needs, so eAdvocate is a one-stop shop for all your healthcare needs
  • Understanding that buying through traditional agencies can be more expensive and reduce the amount of care clients can afford, so eAdvocate allows you to stretch your budget
  • Wanting more control over who delivers their care and better ways to communicate and coordinate the care process, so eAdvocate helps you find the best Caring Professionals to fit your needs
  • Desiring easier options to manage care remotely, such as arranging care for an aging parent in another geography, or communicating with family and friends, so eAdvocate offers online tools to support better coordination of care
  • Needing better communication and co-ordination tools to manage complex care plans and care teams, so eAdvocate offers free online tools to help you plan, coordinate and communicate care across all your devices

Caring Professionals face many of the following challenges:

  • A rapidly changing healthcare marketplace offering fewer full-time job opportunities within traditional healthcare settings, forcing more Caring Professionals (CPs) to seek part-time and flex time positions, so eAdvocate offers caring professional more control over their careers
  • Needing to become entrepreneurial and have more control over managing their careers, jobs, schedule and income, so eAdvocate allows caring professionals to negotiate work contracts directly with those clients/patients they wish to work for
  • Understanding that traditional agency fees squeeze pay and result in lower wages, so eAdvocate is committed to raising pay for caring professionals, while lower costs for families and individuals in need
  • Desiring more support to focus on providing care rather than the administrative aspects of their work, so eAdvocate has developed free online supports to manage contracting, scheduling, case management, communication and payments

How can we improve?

We are constantly seeking input on ways we can improve the eAdvocate caring marketplace and place great value on the insights, knowledge and ideas of our community members. Please contact us with any suggestions or ideas you have on how we can improve our service.

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Sharing The Care!

Every time you use eAdvocate to Find Care for your loved ones, you are helping to support other families who may not be able to afford the urgent health and social services they need. 1.5% of all eAdvocate revenue will be donated to eAdvocate Cares, our company bursary program.

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